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The Big Chill Results

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Kamloops River City Racers took part in the ‘Big Chill’ ability speed skating event this past weekend in Kamloops.  Veteran Racers, and sibling pairs Alex and Calvin Forbes (racing in division 4) and Finn and Summer Bogetti-Smith were in full action setting personal bests in their racing divisions.  Alex (15) raced to 4 personal best times and had a first place finish in his 200m heat.  Brother Calvin (13) also had 4 personal bests.  Finn Bogetti Smith (10) raced in division 3 and set two personal best times with a win in the 200m heat.  Sister Summer (7) raced in division 2 and set 2 personal best times.  Also racing in division 2 and competing in their first competition were Patrick Gu (6) with 2 personal bests and a first place finish in the 200m heat; John Hill (6) with two personal best times; and Beckett Reid (7) with 3 personal bests and winning three of his heats!!