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Sainte-Foy Quebec

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All three Spence sisters were in action at the Gatean Boucher oval over the weekend, competing at the first Canada Cup of the season.  Canada Cups are were the skaters earn points, based on their performances, to qualify for national and development teams for the next season of competition. Eldest sister, Tori, skated to a personal best time and a silver medal finish in the 5k event.  Her new time is 7:58.27 surpassing her old time of 8:09.92.  Tori also had a 5th place finish in the 3k event and a 12th place finish in the 1500m race.  Josie, medaled in two distances with a bronze in the 5k event, just behind her sister, and a silver finish in the 3k event.  Josie just missed the medals in the 1500m with a fourth place finish.  Youngest sister Sara raced to 4 personal best times (there are indoor times and outdoor time).  Her best overall place was a 12 place finish in the 3k event with a new time of 5:01.62 - an 8 second personal best.  She was 16th in the 1500m with a 3 second pb and new time of 2.20.14, was 19th in the 1000m with a 1.5 sec personal best of 1:32.02 and was 21st in the 500m with a new time of 44.59 (.3 sec better). An interesting result was the 3k event where British Columbia had the most skaters of any province placing in the top 12 - with four skaters.  Three of these four skaters were from the Kamloops River City Racers club!!
Several River City Racers will be competing at the Kelowna short track inter club next weekend.  This event also includes the qualifier for the BC winter games.  Calvin and Alex Forbes, as well as Eric Spence will be representing the Racers and contending for a spot at these games.