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October Chill

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There were many club firsts at the October Chill Short Track event held in
Kamloops over the weekend. 

Tim Mburu finished first overall in division 1,
while Sara Spence won her division 4. Eric Spence qualifed for each primary
final in division 3.  Other skaters that won heats within their divisions
were Li and Luukas Dong, James Waterman, Margaret Jean and Alexander Willis,
Finn Bogetti-Smith and Josie Spence.  Personal best times were skated by
Alexander and Margaret Jean Willis and Roman Hessel.  Establishing times for
their first time racing were: AJ Timewell, Finn Bogetti-Smith, Mia, Li and
Luukas Dong and James Waterman.  The next competition for the Racers is the
BC Cup in Prince George November 12 and 13.  For complete results please see
below: (individual times will be provided to the skaters when they receive
their ribbons).

Division 1
Tim Mburu                     50m (A1)           100m (A1)         200m (A1)
300m (A1)
Alexander Willis             50m (A4)           100m (B4)         200m (B2)
300m (D1)
Margaret Jean Willis       50m (C3)           100m (C3)         200m (D1)
300m (B2)
Finn Bogetti-Smith         50m (D2)           100m (C1)         200m (E1)
300m (B3)
AJ Timewell                   50m (D3)           100m (C2)         200m (D2)
300m (B5)
Li Dong                         50m (C2)           100m (E1)         200m
(E3)         300m (C3)
James Waterman           50m (E2)           100m (E3)         200m (F1)
300m (D3)
Luukas Dong                 50m (E1)           100m (E4)         200m (E2)
50m ( E2)

Division 2
Delary Willis                  100 (D3)            100 (D4)            200
(D4)            400 (D3)

Division 3
Eric Spence                  200 (A3)            500 (A3)            1000
(A2)          1500 (A2)

Division 4
Sara Spence                 111 (A3)            500 (A1)            1000
(A2)          1500 (A2)
Josie Spence                 111 (A1)            500 (B1)            1000
(A1)          1500 (DQ)

Division Masters
Mia Dong                      111 (A5)            500 (A4)            777
(A4)            1000 (A4)
Roman Hessel               111 (A6)            500 (A5)            777 (A5)
1000 (A5)